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Welcome to the official site for Suelyn Medeiros!

You might already know Suelyn from the numerous magazines, movies and music videos she has appeared in.  Suelyn has quickly captured the attention of many with her beauty and perfect ten body, but she is more than that.  The purpose of this her official site is to provide access to her, for you to get to know her better and have a place to stay current on what projects she is currently working on.   expressmedscanada.com

On the site you will find numerous picture galleries that are regularly updated.  A news page where Suelyn not only tells you what she's working on but where from time to time she tells you exactly what is on her mind.  There is a bookings form for those who are serious about hiring her to use to alert her and her management of the project(s) they'd like to hire Suelyn for.  Suelyn worked very hard at making sure that this site had an area dedictated JUST to her fans.  In the Fan Area you will find banners, wallpapers, fan myspace layouts and most importantly a form for you to send Suelyn your fan emails!   

This site is maintained by Suelyn herself.  She adds all her own pics.  Does all her news updates.  She personally reviews all her emails and bookings requests.  She is even the one who maintains the Portuguese language side of this site.  She took great care and time to make sure that she had a way to keep her Brazilian fans.  By the way that side of the site will launch very soon, as soon as Suelyn has some free time she will finish uploading all the Portuguese translations.  Stay tuned for that!!!

So...come on in, enjoy looking through the site and getting to know Suelyn Medeiros