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The unholy trinity: fat and food - getting out the fat, putting in the thin

Fountain of Youth is not about dieting at all. It isn't about what you can't eat, shouldn't eat, mustn't eat. Forget the guilt. This is about what you should eat, must eat, have to eat, want to eat, to get younger, healthier and thinner. This is the only programme that tells you—EAT! ourmeds.org


Whether you are on a flavour-of-the-month diet or still eating burgers and fries, you are starving to death. Every one of your 50 trillion cells is swimming in a sticky fat soup and is starving for nutrition. And let's face it, another hamburger, another soda, even another nonfat dessert isn't going to feed those cells. Give them a break. Give those poor little molecules some-vitamin C, a shot of vitamin E, a generous helping of beta-carotene, some calcium. Stop committing nutritional suicide. Stop killing yourself cell by cell, and start pumping some life force into your body.

What will happen when you do? When you fill yourself with nutrient-dense foods, foods chock-full of fountain of youth vitamins and minerals, there won't be any room for fat. And when there's no room for fat, what happens? Your body gets thinner. So you are going to do something wonderful for yourself. You are going to eat your way to a younger, thinner healthier you.